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Getting bitten in the night? Call MJ Pest Control to solve your Bed Bug infestation
We guarantee all our wasp treatments - so we will come out again for free if the first treatment fails
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Don’t let your house be invaded by wasps. MJ Pest Control are specialists in wasp control, providing quick and affordable wasp treatments from only £30

Wasp control – insects and nests

MJ Pest control offers an efficient, cheap and professional wasp control programme across the Leicestershire and Rutland areas. A specialist in wasp control, we offer a quick and convenient service which can also include nest removal as well as treatment.

Why you need to control wasps

One of the most feared and aggressive pests around, wasps  tend to reach their peak in August and September  as their youngsters are reared, and the workers turn to the sweet food they prefer – wherever it is available to them. Sometimes unprovoked but usually if annoyed or threatened, wasps will sting a human target in the vicinity. For some this can be very dangerous as some people react violently to being stung, with several people dying from wasp stings every year.

How to get rid of wasps

The best way to control wasps is by treating the nest with a professional grade insecticide. This can be extremely hazardous without the professional equipment and training. MJ Pest Control delivers a professional, cheap and guaranteed wasp control treatment. For all wasp calls we’ll endeavour to come out and see you the very same day.

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